March 21

Bus 15 Part 2

     WARNING:  If you have not read part 1 I suggest that you go back to my blog and read it.

                                                                                                        When he gets on the bus he already see’s the funnel cloud, but it to late it landed on the ground in fear the bus driver leaves but Jared must have bad luck because it picked his bus up, the tornado passes the bus and everyone in it, as the bus falls and lands in a river it catches on fire, Jared is the only awake everyone else is passed out, he doesn’t know what to do he panic’s he only has enough time to save one person who should he save his friend Adam or the girl he likes Maria he goes for his friend first after that he thinks he has enough time to save the girl he likes, but it was to late when he grabs her the bus blows up and everyone died, except his friend, he wakes up not knowing what happened or who saved him the only thing he knows is his bus is on fire and everyone who was left in it is dead.   The End


Hope that you liked it 😀

If you were to re-write the ending how would you re-write it? leave your thinking in the comment box 😀

March 1

100 Word Challenge

As Alex was dancing, ‘because she is a dancer’ she noticed that she pushed out gas interrupting the dance her dancing buddies were doing, it was likely that her buddies became furious with her, she ran and hid from them, as she sat down she slipped in green liquid making noise, her partners found her, they took her to the river and started drowning him, then she acted like he was dead as they left she lifted her head in fear hoping they wouldn’t see her then she was instantly swimming to the other side of the river and she saw them walking away she instantly saw a chainsaw hoping for revenge then…

January 26

100 Word Eassay

As Jared wakes up, he remembers that he has to take Bus 15 home since he moved into a new house he was excited to be getting a new house and ride a new bus with hopefully a better bus driver, but later that day as he waits for his bus out of the blue, hail starts to drop on his head, instantly he see’s the bus just around the corner he runs and hurries to get on the Bus he gets an ALERT from his phone it said ‘TORNADO WARING IN YOUR AREA GET TO SAFETY!’ and then…


I hope you liked it 😀 😛

If you have any questions pleas leave one.

If you want to see the rest of the story  just leave a comment once I get at least 2 or more comments asking for the rest I will make the ending.

January 11


 bb-8For elective me and my partners have been working/coding on BB-8 so far we are not doing that much because either his charger isn’t working or my classmates have been playing with him but other wise I say he is doing good and today is the day we show the people in elective how we did. Wish me luck :D.

December 16

The Hour of Code

This week I did The Hour of Code, It is so fun I finished  2 games and got certificate’s one was for a star wars and the other was for minecraft. If you’re reading this you should do the Hour of Code at So far the best one I have played is the Star Wars one it’s  really easy and fun at the same tim

 Screenshot 2015-12-08 at 9.10.24 AM


My and Miss.B.C’s class Skyped with the principle of the largest security software company in the world semantic and his name is Chirayu it was fun and engaging I learned so much and he even gave someone a website to make a video game.


I hope you liked my post, Have a nice day 🙂


Do you know what the Hour of Code is?

Will you do the Hour of code?

December 3

Positive Pranking

Screenshot 2015-12-03 at 8.37.42 AM A couple weeks ago we as in my class Positive prank’d we did a couple classes such as Ding-Dong-Ditching, T.P.ed a classroom with Tootsie pops, Egged the inside of the classroom with plastic eggs filled with candy, It was so much of fun. Hope you liked my post, have a nice day. 😀

September 14

Graffiti art

A couple weeks ago we did graffiti art it was fun,cool and so many things!

I know my name is the best because i did it well some of it.

It took me almost 3 weeks to finish it.

Besides mine the one that looks cool to me is the one that says Creedence it’s shaped like a chat bubble 😀 lol.haha

Bye my fellow followers.:D